SRS Distribution Inc

03.2014 – 3.2020

Digital Innovation Services Manager

While I was at the SRS Distribution, I developed a number of business-accelerating web applications that allowed for faster growth and better management visibility into the enterprise.


  • Developed a custom directory tool that pulled together information from multiple sources and updated real-time.
  • Developed a similar system to track suppliers and supplier rebates
  • Managed all web servers internal and external
  • Managed All DNS changes locally and Externally at
  • Developed a company Intranet using, XML data source, and custom front end
  • Developed fleet data reports and dashboards for tracking fleet movement
  • Developed a Kiosk system that was deployed to over one hundred and fifty locations across the United States. This was controlled by a web interface at the corporate office allowing for training and HR documents to be sent real-time.
  • Designed and developed enterprise CMS for the 30+ brand websites controlled and maintained Inside the DMZ and pushed to Production via web service
  • Designed and developed the corporate website powered by the same system


Software Used