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Changing the world one pixel at a time

I am Tom Townsend

If I had to summarize myself in one sentence, I think it would be this: I want to be a force for good in the world. By that I mean I want to the right thing every time. I want to write code that can be read by others. I want to follow a pattern when designing that can be followed and expanded upon as technology changes. I want to be humble and learn from others as we grow together.

I am a full stack developer with an emphasis on UI. My favorite things always involve creating something. No matter if it is an elegant technical solution or creating creative engaging content; I am passionate about it . I am a lifelong musician and writing code is much like writing songs. There is a pattern and structure to everything. When you find the pattern and interact with it you can change and expand it into a new creation that you brought into the world. That is music to my eyes.