Reynolds Web Solutions

01.2002 – 03.2010

Web Developer Themes Team

I was hired by a company in Norfolk Virginia called Automark. They were an automotive website hosting company built on a custom .NET CMS. They had recently been acquired by Reynolds & Reynolds and was subsequently rebranded as Reynolds Web Solutions. Automark had built up a customer base of over three thousand automotive dealers around the US. I was hired to provide web support for an enterprise client. The Asbury Automotive Group was the third largest Automotive dealer group in the US and I was assigned to support them. After four years of providing 24/7 website support to Asbury and successfully securing two renewals, my transfer to a back-end development role was approved and I was trained by some very talented developers. I learned how to use Visual Studio and how to check in or check out code. I received excellent training on how to create a theme for the RWS CMS and I started churning them out like sausage.



  • Learned the art of web client support
  • Created pages, modules, and forms to support web customers
  • Followed strict guidelines for publishing, developing, and communicating changes
  • Learned how to use SVN and TFS
  • learned about CI/CD and how to work in that environment
  • Created digital assets including animation to support web clients
  • Created mobile specific themes

Software Used