Joomla is an award-winning Open Source CMS built and maintained by a strong community of volunteers who strive to produce robust, secure, easy to use software.
It is free to download and use, and its functionalities meet cutting edge web technology.

Joomla enables website creators to create powerful websites, where maintaining its content is easy and seamless.


You want a flexible system that is easy to customise

  • Over 6,500 Verified Extensions and High Quality Templates available, many of which are free.
  • Documentation & Video Training available for free.
  • Layout & Overrides System and built in Extendable Functions make it easy to create customised solutions.
  • Easy to find and hire High Quality Integrators and Developers.


Joomla in Numbers

This section shows the achievements of Joomla!
in the last years. Real numbers and relevant subjects.

  • 125+Million Downloads
  • 6.5+Thousand Extensions
  • 2.5+Million Websites
  • 1.5+Thousand Volunteers



With Joomla you can build many types of websites. Community-based websites, e-commerce or e-learning websites, Joomla can adapt to the structure or purpose of the website you have in mind. Joomla has an extensive array of features to help you achieve amazing results:



Get to the top of any search engine fast with Joomla 4. It takes care of SEO so you can focus on getting your great content noticed. SEO built into the page means you get the correct page structure without any additional extensions.

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A redesigned administration area speeds content creation. Improved media manager and editor updates give you the power to design and build amazing websites. Article templates help you and your colleagues keep to the page design.

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Let your users find your content fast and efficiently. Joomla 4 search is advanced and configurable. With an active indexer, once indexed it adds content as it’s created so you need do no more than concentrate on creating more stunning content.

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Customisable email templates speed up the process of site deployment and personalisation. Change the site emails to fit your brand. Use the distinctive style of your site to communicate with your users when sending site emails.

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With workflows, you can create any number of processes to take your content creation from idea to polished publication in a defined and controlled way. Workflow plugins create a powerful new ecosphere speeding up content creation.

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With Joomla 4 you benefit from increased performance. Speed is one of the top factors in converting clicks to views. Whether your site is e-commerce or you need to grow your subscriptions. Joomla 4 makes it go like a rocket.

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Joomla 4 delivers best in class accessibility. All visitors to your website will benefit. Layout, contrast and infrastructure all have accessibility built-in. Joomla 4 aims for W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 (with AA compliance)

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Running a website with well written, state-of-the-art code helps you stay safe. Joomla 4 contains many changes designed to maximize security and keep hackers out. Moving to Joomla 4 is the wise choice.

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