Tomkins Building Products

03.2008 – 7.2010

Web Developer

I was hired to pull together multiple web assets for Air System Components (a division of Tomkins Building Products). ASC was a house of brands and each brand had a website of some kind. There were about fifteen brands each with its own set of requirements and user tools specific to industrial ventilation systems. I had never managed a web server before I joined the Tomkins team, nor had I ever managed DNS. My experience at Tomkins helped to make me proficient at server management including disaster recovery.


  • Stood up two physical Windows web servers with load balancing
  • Transferred all domains to one central repository (
  • Managed all DNS – Internal & External
  • Migrated each brand website to Joomla on the new web servers
  • Designed custom themes to match current website branding
  • Created a process for making updates, tracking them, and rolling back if necessary
  • Created custom Adobe Flash elements for visual appeal
  • Created custom performance and website traffic reports
  • Created a disaster recovery plan and backup process
  • managed all work using Agile Project Management

Software Used